We offer several “signature” experiences through which you can discover the rich history and culture of Salento and enjoy moments that will undoubtedly make your stay more unique and unforgettable. Oscar, Valerio, and Anna, your guest ambassadors, are waiting for you!


Lecce is a mirror made up of stone.
Behind its tall doors, the labyrinth unravels, and I can sense its gardens, its abandoned fountains and old palaces; I can hear the rustling of the palm leaves. Suddenly, there are voices and muffled laughter, a faraway song: this is the South.


The South that reveals itself behind the mask, in the exalted depths of ancient suns, against the bodies of women who dance till dawn. The South bares its soul behind its tall doors. I will leave one slightly ajar for you, it will be your most beautiful secret.


The Experience includes:

Food Leader
Home-restaurant inside our Family Museum Lunch/Drinks/Aperitifs along the route prepared and served by our Team
Entrance to Private Palaces/Studios

Duration: 4/6 hours


Those travelling to Italy are usually aware of the fact that the whole nation is saturated with art, and not only in the big ticket cities like Rome, Florence, or Venice.

But if your head swims at the thought of the incredible volume of art displayed publicly in Italy, consider the treasures that hide behind closed doors. Many of these are off-limits to visitors outside the family’s close circle, many others can be quietly and privately seen… if you just know how.


The “ private museums” version of our Lecce Behind closed doors is a “must” for all the art lovers who wish to know
the city of Lecce by experiencing the present over the past,
by standing for what is avant-garde and international as opposed to what is traditional and domestic.
Ancient private museums, contemporary art galleries hiding behind the white rocky curtains in between
small alleys and surprising facades,
where art and architecture are both
part of the same exhibition.


The Experience includes:

Food Leader
Home-restaurant inside a Private Museum Lunch/Drinks/Aperitifs along the route prepared and served by our Team
Entrance to Private Museums

Duration: 4/6 hours


They walked towards the Infinite to find their way to the scriptures.

Thus the Crusaders crossed over the ramparts of Otranto, set sail for the Orient and finally reached Jerusalem. They gazed lovingly at chimeras, intoxicated with purple, ancient suns and incandescent stones.
Could it all be only vanity?
The trail made by men on the road to Jerusalem? No, the promise of a cosmic equilibrium has been flawlessly designed.
Byzantium found its name and man found his god.


We offer our guests an alternative route off the much-beaten track of Baroque Lecce, by looking back to the city’s older history: the Byzantine domination which for centuries influenced the regions’ social and political for- tunes. You will enjoy light picnics along the ancient Roman and Byzantine routes surrounded by rocky, sometimes almost lunar landscapes; and the incredible wonder on an ancient Byzantine abbey now brought back to its original splendour, the final stop
in this special day “fuori le mura”.


The Experience includes:

Food Leader
Transportation by Van or Vintage Italian Fiat 500 with drivers Electric Bicycle
Lunch/Drinks/Aperitif along the route prepared
and served outdoor by our Team
Entrance Tickets

Duration: 4/6 hours


Shadows and lights await under the ancient trees.
Today the artists come at your table. Right before your eyes,
a new Mediterranean alphabet will be created, wild, sensorial and fragrant, combining ancestral flavours, original blends and wonderful surprises. The artists lay down huge white corollas on the table. Made of papier-mâché petals, these giant flowers greedily invade the space around them, besides strange, constantly-changing objects. Extravaganza. Your own discoveries emerge from this exchange.Do you know that here the world tips over, but is reborn elsewhere, under new horizons, or perhaps in you? In them certainly. Sitting at your table, the artists from Salento take detours and paths unheard-of, to find new harmoni- ous arrangements. Art forges a link between men.


We would like to take our guests by the hand for a day and guide them through the discovery of the amazing local artistic and artisan realities, to meet the virtuoso artists, to touch the local stone, the ceramics, the paper and all the traditional local mate- rials and magically combine them with all the other gifts nature provides, from the noble green olive oil from our century-old olive trees to the best salentinean grapes, from the local seasonal produce to the excellences of our Mediterranean diet. EATART is our personal way of describing our territory as can be admired both inside and outside La Fiermontina’s walls and in every corner of this beautiful region.


The Experience includes:

Food Leader
Transportation by Van or Vintage car Fiat 500 Visit to Local Artist’s Studios
Walking Tours around the region
Lunch/Drinks/Aperitifs along the route prepared and served by our Team

Duration: 4/6 hours


For centuries, the town of Otranto , a “white pearl” right on the Mediterranean sea, has been Italy’s direct access to the east as it is easternmost city of the whole nation.


We will be visiting the unique Mediterranean-style old city while a sailing boat awaits us for an unforgettable day sailing south along the east side of the peninsula and stopping by Puglia’s most spectacular spots, including heavenly natural bays carved in the rock by the wind and seawater and resembling natural swimming pools or astonishing caves and grottoes to dive into and take a swim in the crystalline water.


A seafood lunch will be served right on the boat by our local chef while a final afternoon aperitif will be enjoyed upon arrival at the harbour of Leuca.


The Experience includes:

Story Tellers
Food Expert
Lunch/Drinks/Aperitif prepared and served on boat by our team. Sailing Boat/Yacht daily fee for exclusive use

Duration: 6/8 hours



Nomadic is a journey that puts value back into TIME , to the leisurely flow of time in the land of Puglia, a drifting body in the heart of the Mediterranean. Nomadic journey is SHARING, moving on an imaginary stage to the slow pace of a traveling caravan.
Nomadic journey is a quest for the discovery of new FREEDOMS, new EMOTIONS, an unexpected LUXURY which awaits our guests. Nomadic: embrace pure freedom.


Every week, from May to October, La Fiermontina and Palazzo Bozzi Corso host a series of events for our guests as well as for visitors. From local traditional dancing performances to wine tastings, a true local xperience and good fun are guaranteed!


Palazzo in Pizzica at Palazzo Bozzi Corso (lobby)

Departure at 19.30 from Fiermontina to Palazzo Bozzi Corso with traditional Salento music band. Welcome drink and canapé on arrival at Palazzo Bozzi Corso. Guided tour of the facility. Dinner with entertainment (music and traditional dances) on a single 3-course social table (appetizer, first course and dessert – drinks included).

€ 90 per person (children from 0 to 3 € 0 – children from 3 to 12 € 45)


Tour of Italy at Palazzo Bozzi Corso (garden)

Culinary proposal that brings together the most emblematic dishes of Italian cuisine. Menu a la carte. Reservations available from 19:30 to 22:30.


Mille e una Notte a Palazzo Bozzi Corso (giardino)

Dinner in a romantic and private environment, where the culinary tradition marries the architecture of the ‘700. Fixed menu (appetizer, first course and dessert – drinks not included). Reservations available from 19:30 to 22:30

€ 80 per person (children from 0 to 3 € 0 – children from 3 to 12 € 40)


#ilgiovedifiermontina at La Fiermontina Happiness Lab

Aperitif with entertainment. Different theme for each evening, free entry with the option to taste products related to the theme of the evening, all developed in an eclectic and innovative environment. from 19:00 to 22:00