Dining in our three magic places

La Fiermontina

Alfresco by the poolside, amid the the olive and orange trees, you / guests can discover our elevated interpretation of cucina povera

Palazzo Bozzi Corso

Our garden becomes an oasis where you / guests can taste traditional recipes from grandma’s book, away from the hustle and bustle

M.A.M.A. Family Museum

At M.A.M.A. Family Museum, one can admire art of Antonia Fiermonte, Jacques Zwobada, René Letourneur and other artists

Dining at La Fiermontina

The restaurant serves elevated interpretations of cucina povera, which can be eaten in the elegant main dining rooms or alfresco amid the olive and orange trees in the hotel’s walled garden.

The gastronomical options in Puglia region are especially rich and varied where only local, fresh products are used. A classic example of this is Puglia’s signature dish, orecchiette con le cime di rapa, pasta cooked with turnip greens. Freshness of ingredients is all-important as is the their provenance: durum wheat, tomatoes, artichokes, fava beans, courgettes, beans, fennel, peppers, onions, seafood.

In the dimly lit Enzo bar that was once a barn, film posters adorn the walls and Tobia Scarpa’s orb-like Suspension Nictes lighting fixtures hang above the gold –paneled bar like jewels that follow the roundness of the stone vault. The Hotel bar Enzo is the perfect lounge area in which to spend some time before or after any lunch or dinner.  The bar offers an ample choice of wines, cocktails and liquors.

Dining at Palazzo

Every morning, Maria Carla, the Palazzo’s chef, picks herself the fruit and vegetables she needs to start cooking. She gathers all the ingredients and the products of her land and traditions, to share with her guests the secrets of her family recipes and offer them privileged culinary moments.

A dinner is so much more than a list of ingredients. Every dish contains the elements of a story that can
be written and told, and later savoured during a magical evening.
Maria Carla Pennetta, Chef at the Palazzo Bozzi Corso

Thank you for yesterday’s evening at the Palazzo; it was perfect. We feel so privileged to have enjoyed such an exceptional and timeless moment.
Fatty and Fabrice Johannet, Paris & Marrakech

Anywhere you wish in the Palazzo, a breakfast, a candlelit dinner or a wine tasting await you, further enriched by such unexpected family history.

Dining at M.A.M.A. Family Museum

Enjoy a private dinner in our family museum.
Your path runs along a story of passion between figures of other times. Three artist, two sculptors and their beautiful muse, haunt a hidden garden in Lecce.
We shall open a secret door so you may live a pugliese story amongst works of art and take delight in a romantic Salentine dinner.
At sunset, when candles light, you will savour our land’s wines while a voice tells you their story.

Conceived by Giacomo and Antonia to commemorate the memory, work and cultural heritage of their grandmother Antonia Fiermonte, M.A.M.A. family museum is a widespread museum that presents itself as the artistic link between La Fiermontina and Palazzo Bozzi Corso by La Fiermontina.